This is the challenge put forth by Evangelist David Ring as he travels across America preaching.

From day one, David has faced a multitude of challenges. The youngest of eight children, David was born without breath. He would be revived but not before the lack of oxygen to his brain had caused the condition known as cerebral palsy. His father was a traveling preacher with challenges of his own who would abandon the family when David was a young child. His mother was left to manage the family on her own and, in spite of the many hardships, was especially loving and protective of her youngest son. This early grounding in his mother's love and support would have to last David a lifetime. She died when he was only 14 years old.

With the loss of his mother, David lived with one family member after another until he eventually ended up with his sister. The years of rejection and losses caused a bitterness in soul and spirit, but David's sister convinced him to go to church with her. It was with that insistence he discovered the Lord Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit convicted him of his need to be saved and showed him how much God really loved him just the way he was. He went forward to the altar and was saved. He felt loved and knew he had a mother and father in Jesus. God took away all his bitterness and gave him joy and happiness for the first time since before his mother died.

Soon afterwards, David felt called to be a preacher. However, he argued with God like Moses in the Old Testament, reminding God of his cerebral palsy and speech problems ("As if God needed reminding," David comments). But he could not get away from God's calling on his life. He enrolled at William Jewell Baptist College in Liberty, Missouri, and was ordained into the ministry in 1980. He's been preaching across America as an evangelist for over 25 years now. His positive messages of hope, like "I've God Cerebral Palsy-What's Your Problem?", are heard by thousands each year.

David Ring's message is clear. "God uses broken vessels. Don't ever give up. God sees your pain and the hurts in your life. Remember, God made each one of us unique to bring glory to Himself. He has a purpose for each of us." David was told by well meaning pastors he'd never make it as a preacher. Yet, today he preaches in over 200 churches a year. He's been a guest on the Old Time Gospel Hour, the 700 Club, videos produced by Bill Gaither, and others. He was told he could never go to college, get married, or have children. All these things he has accomplished. He graduated from William Jewell College and holds an honorary doctorate from Liberty University. He is married and has four beautiful children.

David Ring is an inspiration to everyone who hears him preach. He says that God took a nobody like him and made a somebody. God can do the same for you. God loves you so much! The Bible tells us in John 3:16, "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever (insert your name) __________________________________ believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

David Ring felt rejected by everyone, even by God when He took his mother home to heaven. But he found Jesus and he turned his life around and uses his disability now to encourage others. If you are feeling rejection or loss, or think God can't use you or love you, you are strongly encouraged to contact David Ring Ministries for a list of his products and his speaking schedule.

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