A Love That Understands

There was a lad who prayed every day
For his own little puppy with which he could play . . .
Then one day he saw a large sign up ahead-
He went in and looked at the five balls of fur,
"Oh, I want to buy one-how much are they, sir?"
"They're twenty-five dollars," the kind man replied,
The child hung his head and then bravely tried
To hold back the tears that were filling his eyes
But to his great wonder and happy surprise
The man said, "There's one little pup you could buy
But-he is crippled," he said with a sigh-
"No one will want him because he can't run,
I doubt he can jump and he won't be much fun"-
"Oh, please Mister, he is the one I will buy,,
Look here, and I'll show you my real reason why"-
He rolled up his pant leg and showed him his brace,
"I'm crippled too-I can't jump-I can't race-
He needs my help and he needs lots of love
And he's just the puppy that I'm dreaming of"
The man said, "He'll have a good home I can see-
He's not for sale, son,-that puppy is Free!"
Ah since Jesus has suffered He's able to share
In all of our heartaches, our sorrow and care-
So let us rest patiently in His dear hand
Knowing that through it all He'll understand.

My husband's favorite poem.

... the fellowship of His suffering.          Philippians 3:10

A Victorious Faith

Dear Lord, I feel the pruning knife
As you work upon my soul,
And many times my faith is tried
As I press onward toward the goal.
I know you are preparing me
To live with You when life is done,
And now You are conforming us
To the image of Your Son . . .
But as I suffer, may I know
That all will work out for my good,
And yield myself to Your control
And trust You as I know I should.
And, oh, how very glad I am
That You are with me through it all,
And patiently I'll watch and wait
Until I hear Your upward call.

"Pray for a faith that will not shrink when washed in the waters of affliction."

When General Stonewall Jackson lost an arm in battle, his chaplain exclaimed, "Oh General, what a calamity!"

The General told him that he appreciated his sympathy, but he added, "You see me wounded, but not depressed, not unhappy. I believe it has been according to God's holy will . . . and I acquiesce entirely in it. You may think it strange, but you never saw me more perfectly content than I am today, for I am sure my heavenly Father designs this affliction for my good. I am perfectly satisfied that either in this life or in that which is to come, I shall discover that what is now regarded as calamity is a blessing."

For we walk by faith, not by sight.          2 Corinthians 5:7

God's Faithful Love

We need not try to understand
The ways of God above,
But with a yielded heart we trust
Our Father's faithful love.
Even though at times we fail,
And we're misunderstood,
This we know-that all will work
Together for our good.

Keith L. Brooks told about a Christian miner who was often heard to quote Romans 8:28. The other miners, most of whom were unbelievers, often teased him about it, especially when he met with some misfortune.

One day they were gathered at the shaft ready to descend. The Christian miner had laid his dinner pail on the ground beside him, and a large dog picked up the pail by the handle and ran off with it. The man ran after the dog as the other miners laughed and joked about "all things working together for good."

When the Christian man returned, he discovered that the cage had arrived and the other men had already descended into the mine. Well, the Christian certainly couldn't say, "Oh, what a blessing! My dinner is gone and I missed my ride." Or could he?

It wasn't long before he learned of the accident. A cable had snapped and every man in the cage he would have been in was killed.

When our disappointments come, beloved, let us take heart. Yes, God knows what He is doing. And Romans 8:28 will always be in the Book.

All things work together for good to them that love God.          Romans 8:28

He Loves Me

Do you remember our childhood days, when finding a daisy, we would pull off its petals one by one, all the while saying, "He loves me, he loves me not?" Most of the times we had someone special in mind, but there were times, as I recall, that we were thinking of the boy of our dreams. But I still remember the keen disappointment I felt when the daisy's last petal was, "He loves me not."

I read recently of a little girl who came crying to her mother. "What has happened?" The mother asked. Between sobs the child replied, "Oh, mother, God doesn't love me anymore." "Oh, yes He does," the mother said, hugging her. "No, He doesn't," the child insisted, "I know He doesn't because I tried Him with a daisy."

We're smiling-but is it not true that, at any age, if we feel that love is being withdrawn from us, some of our peace goes with it? And if we don't feel love, we are prone to doubt that it is there.

We know that if we are tempted to doubt our heavenly Father's love, we can remind ourselves that it is not the sense of His love, but it is the fact of his love that is our strength and our peace. So when we do not feel His love we can rest on His bare word for it, "I have loved thee with an everlasting love."

Oh, beloved, you and I know that the greatest thing in the world is the love of God . . . . And aren't we glad that every petal on every daisy on earth says, "He loves me."

Let's Go On

Don't worry what the past has been,
Just thank God for today,
Take a new heart and press ahead,
Don't stop along the way.
Why think of that which might have been,
The past is dead and gone,
So shine your armor, trim your lamp
And bravely travel on.

When my courage runs thin, I like to think of Margaret Williams. She, along with 11 other women, were lowered into a lifeboat after the wreckage of the English steamer Stella. Their boat was quickly whirled away by the waves without a sailor or an oar. Cold and wet, they longed for help and would have lost courage during the long night hours if Margaret Williams, a Christian soloist, had not continued singing one sacred song after the other, inspiring confidence in her companions that God would deliver them.

Early in the morning, a rescue boat looking for survivors heard Miss Williams singing, her voice ringing out over the waters, "Oh, rest in the Lord, wait patiently for Him." They steered in the direction of the singing voice and they saved the 12 women.

I guess the simple lesson for you and me is don't give up-look up. God has a full supply of courage for us. Underscored in my Bible is Psalm 27:14, "Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and He shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say on the Lord."

"Keep your lamp burning, and let God place it where He will."

I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.         Philippians 3:14

Love Never Faileth

An infant girl had been critically injured and urgently needed a transfusion. No one could be found with her rare type of blood but her 7-year-old brother, Jamie. The doctor took him on his knee and said, "Son, your sister is very sick. Are you willing to give blood to your baby sister so she can live?" The little boy looked frightened and his face turned pale. But after awhile he whispered, "Yes, I will."

Arrangements were made for the transfusion. And as little Jamie watched the tube carry his blood to his sister, big tears filled his eyes. He looked at the doctor and with a sob in his voice he asked, "Will I die pretty soon?"

Yes, Jamie thought he was giving up his own life for his baby sister . . . And we remem-ber that Jesus said, "Greater love hath no man than this . . ."

The greatest love and comfort
That could ever be
Is knowing with assurance
That Jesus died for me.

He laid down His life for us.         1 John 3:16

Not By Trying

Lord, when I live in my own strength
I always seem to fail,
My troubled mind is filled with doubts
And life's a dismal tale. . .
But when I turn to You, my Lord,
And look to You for peace
Your love then makes me whole again
And fears and anguish cease. . .
So show me when my tensions mount
That peace may be restored
Not by trying but by trusting
You, my living Lord.

When our minds are caught up in tensions and fears, do we not sometimes forget that our loving Lord is watching and waiting for us to turn to Him?

King Alexander the Great was not only famous for his ability in battle, but was known also for his knowledge and understanding of horses. One day he was with a friend whose horse, extremely frightened, began to rear and kick becoming unmanageable. "Turn his head to the sun," the king shouted. With great difficulty the friend did so and immediately the animal became calm. "The horse was frightened by its own prancing shadow," the king explained.

Oh, how often we become tense and fearful from the shadows of our fears. The fear of the future, the fear of losing a loved one, the fear of the unknown. But when we turn our eyes toward Jesus, the Son of God, read His promises, reach out to Him for His love and help, our hearts and minds are calmed by His Spirit and we feel whole again.

Fear thou not, for I am with thee: be not dismayed, for I am they God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

Isaiah 41:10

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